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Stage One

Basic knowledge required.
No certification required.

$ 32.00 - 57.00
  • No floor space required
  • No deposit required
  • No coding skill required
  • Brand Website
  • Your own Brand name
  • Saleable Brand name
  • Free Brand Logo design
  • Free Business Card design
  • iCardz.Me
  • Selling digital products
  • Get upto 15% discount to sell
  • Upgrading possibilities
  • Within 7 Days
Lifetime income security

Stage Two

One Year Stage one experience.
Certified training required.

  • Stage One facilities
  • Create Profile Website
  • Create E-commerce Website
  • Create Multi-feature Website
  • Get upto 20% discount fro products
Begin your independent career.

Entrepreneurship is investment

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business in the hope of profit. They often take risks, creating or pouncing on new opportunities as they arise and they rarely restrict themselves to just one industry.
Thomas Watson, Sr., former chairman and CEO, IBM once said,“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Start your business with our franchise.

Get freedom, income, privilege, pride, security, time and much more.
You are going to win the future. We are helping to develop your-own brand which gives you freedom, permanent income, lifetime income security, privileged life, pride life, time to live your life and much more.


What will be selling?

We are an Information Technology(IT) company. So we are selling high profile products such as EeceOne, ICardz, CardzLink & Websites.

How much you can get?

Hopefully this is the most asked question by most of the people. And it's not a blameable question because money is the real power who required to have a good life in this world. You may noticed our first header in this page which is ' Entrepreneurship is investment'. This is your lifetime investment not with just money but also with your time and smart hard work. Why it's called investment? It's called investment because you get yearly return from each customer you create. And also the brand name you are developing can be sale after two years with brand value as 8% of last one year gross business value. Our franchise business income described in the below table.
VAT will be paid by Webzieh. Our franchise will get on net amount paid by the customer upon checkout.
Product Income on new customer Income on customer renewal
iCardz 30%(Stage One) - 35%(Stage Two) 4%
CardzLink 30%(Stage One) - 35%(Stage Two) 4%
EeceOne 30%(Stage One) - 35%(Stage Two) 4%
Profile Website 5%(Stage One) - 17%(Stage Two) 3%
E-commerce Website 5%(Stage One) - 17%(Stage Two) 3%
Multi-Feature Website 17%(Stage Two) 3%
Add-on Services 55%(Stage One) - 65%(Stage Two) NA


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