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Through our hard days, we learn to dream big and do big things. This is our first step for you to help from our part. Dream big, make your life valuable. We have only one life, which is mixer of many aspects. Now world seems like, only rich people can have every fortune. But we ask why can’t us?  We open an opportunity to having a website easily in the most affordable way. 

We are facilitating a possibility to create a website which can speak about your ideas, business, institution, club, family, etc. Let people know, who you are. You can explain about yourself, write your philosophy, explain your activities, achievements, successes, failures, relationships, guide people to your vlogs or blogs, etc. You can open a personal online store or list your products and services related to your employment etc. 

Liivnow is an open platform, which help to live now in the world. Now and then digital presence of an individual is a very important aspect of this digital world. Social medias are giving us to interact socially only. Our profile and activities are not much aware by others. Some wiki pages helps celebrities, rich people to make visible celebrity profiles. Just buy a small plan today to get a webpage about  yourself. Liivnow is a division of Webzieh Creations. Webzieh Creations is an Information Technology Company.

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