MY Page Store Email E-card no more a dream.

Be first for a change.

Get a webpage about you. All famous people have wikipedia page. We create a webpage about you.

  • Web Page
  • Personal Email
  • SSL Certificate
  • Contact e-card
  • Personal e-store
  • E-resume
  • Learn web designing

We dream your Creative Amazing Passionate future.

Be Creative Amazing Passionate .

Let us do . things together.

We are creating a page for you.
You are going to famous.

Now you are going to own a webpage. So you can bring your online presence with some clicks. Keep in mind give accurate data about yourself on your page. Your data available in search engines all around the world. 

We create a webpage based on your liivnow account. We added many features, which help you to become famous. In addition to webpage, you can create a personal e-store, contact e-card, e-resume, a space to learn web designing. New features are on add-up line.


Most of us dream to own a page about ourself in a search engine. We seen all famous people has wiki pages, which describes them. We open an opportunity to become famous. Own a page today.


Do you need a personal email other than gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. We are providing an email along with your web page. We help all to have e-freedom to grow and communicate.

SSL Certificate

Most of us are unaware about SSL certificate. Let us simplify it. Look to the URL of this web page, we can see a padlock icon in the begining. It's because this website has SSL certificate. Now SSL certificate is mandatory for Google serach engine.


We all have an address related to our house , accommodation or office. Now most of the prestigious and credible businesses have an e-address to check people the business online. Now digital presence is an important factor, as we live in a digital word. We help you to have a digital address to show your digital availability.

Drag & Drop Designer

Even if we design your page, we give you opportunity to edit your page whenever you need. To make it possible and simple we are providing drag and drop designer, when helps to design your page as simple as easy.

Contact E-card

Contact card or business card or visiting card is a sign of prestige. Now we are helping you to have an e-card to share contact details with just a link, which we can call a e-contact card.

SEO Title

SEO is a common term, which related to internet industry. We facilitate to set a custom meta title which helps search engines to crawl your webpage easily.

SEO Page Description

Meta description is also a major factor for search engine to crawl. We are providing facility to customize meta description as per the preference of page owner.

SEO Keyword

SEO keywords are helping web pages to get identified by search engine algorithm. You can set keywords, which is suitable with meta title and description.


Set a small e-store with your products or service along with your web page. This will help people around you to buy products or get services from you.


We can customize the e-store with product or service. We are always at your support to customize with maximum possible facility.

24/ Support

We have dedicated support team to help us with designing and developing of our webpages or personal e-stores. Our team is available 24/7 at your service.


We are testing new features to upgrade our platform. We are trying to regularize the price and add more features to help our users to improve their page and e-store. Those who want to develop an individual e-store, you can reach our INDIIZ.COM and for professional and business websites you can get all support from FREWEBZ.COM.

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